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The Carter-Menil Human Rights Prize was awarded in 1990 to the Civil Rights Movement (CRM) of Sri Lanka.

+Honoring Human Rights Defenders

The Carter-Menil Human Rights Prize was awarded in 1990 to the Civil Rights Movement (CRM) of Sri Lanka, a nonpartisan, interethnic organization promoting and protecting civil and political rights in Sri Lanka. President Carter said, "The citizens of Sri Lanka have for decades borne the brunt of grave violations of their rights and dignity with insufficient attention or assistance from the rest of the world. The growth of the CRM illustrates once again the importance of individuals of conscience and commitment coming together when government no longer feels obligated to respect the rule of law."

President Carter and the late Dominique de Menil established the $100,000 prize to promote the protection of human rights. It was awarded to individuals or organizations for their outstanding efforts on behalf of human rights, often at great personal sacrifice. The award enabled human rights activists to continue their work and focused global attention on their struggles for justice.

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Size: 65,610 square kilometers

Population: 22,889,201

Population below poverty line: 6.7%

Life expectancy: 77.5 years

Ethnic groups: Sinhalese, Sri Lankan Moors, Indian Tamil, Sri Lankan Tamil, and others

Religions: Buddhist (official), Muslim, Hindu, Roman Catholic, other Christian, and others 

Languages: Sinhala (official and national language), Tamil (official and national language), and others

Source: U.S. Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook 2020


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