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‘MIND/GAME’ Documentary Details Star Athlete’s Struggle with Mental Illness

Success in sports is said to be 90 percent mental. Even for a physically gifted athlete like Chamique Holdsclaw, that number may be low.

The struggle with mental illness for Holdsclaw, a former basketball superstar at every level, is the subject of the film “MIND/GAME: The Unquiet Journey of Chamique Holdsclaw.” Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Rick Goldsmith produced and directed the hourlong documentary with the help of a Rosalynn Carter Fellowship for Mental Health Journalism.

Mrs. Carter introduced Goldsmith, Holdsclaw, and the film at a screening for an audience of about 125 on Dec. 1 at The Carter Center.

Independent filmmaker Rick Goldsmith, WNBA star Chamique Holdsclaw, and Rosalynn Carter at a screening the film at The Carter Center in November.

Independent filmmaker Rick Goldsmith, WNBA star Chamique Holdsclaw, and Rosalynn Carter at a screening of “MIND/GAME” at The Carter Center in December. (Photo: Courtesy B. Howard)

“MIND/GAME” documents how depression and bipolar disorder disrupted the life and career of Holdsclaw, considered by many to be one of the best basketball players – male or female – in the history of the game, and how she rose above her illness through medication, therapy, and mindfulness.

“(There’s) no reason now, with the resources, to really suffer in silence anymore,” she said during a post-screening Q&A. “… I really encourage you to open your mouth and talk to somebody about it.”

Goldsmith and Holdsclaw have become outspoken mental health advocates. Goldsmith said they want to share “MIND/GAME” with school-age athletes and others who may be reluctant to seek help for emotional and mental issues. The nonprofit Kovno Communications is developing discussion guides and educational materials to accompany screenings.


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    William Suesholtz on December 9, 2015 at 6:15 pm

    I applaud President Carter’s efforts. He no doubt puts his money where his mouth is. I pray that he can find peace for himself as he deals with his personal struggles. Nevertheless, his book, Peace Not Apartheid is a disgrace. I’m sorry if this insults anyone. The truth, however, is that the president’s entire premise is based upon a lie. Israel is NOT the obstacle to peace in the Middle East and the question of Palestine in particular. There is no moral equivalency between the plight of the Palestinians and Israel’s struggle to defend its very existence. One side, Israel, has made reasonable proposals to the other side, the Palestinians. The Palestinians have rejected every offer. One side, Israel has sought peace, the other wants Israel dead. The Israeli goal is to guarantee recognition of its right to exist. No other nation on the planet, not North Korea, not Iran, not China – all totalitarian regimes that deny to their citizens basic human rights, have their legitimacy challenged. Yet, Israel, a western, liberal democracy which DOES promote and protect basic human for all its citizens is questioned as legitimate. Despite this immoral and evil double standard, Israel goes to the table. Palestinians reject Israel’s right simply to exist because it doesn’t want peace. It wants a Palestinian state without an Israel in the Middle East. President Carter’s book serves to give credence to the twisted argument of all the worlds Jew haters who want to see Islam drive Israel into the sea. For shame!!!!!!!!!!!!

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