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Dr. Paul Emerson and Huffington Post Live Launch Carter Center’s Call for Action Against Trachoma

This is an excerpt from Carter Center Trachoma Control Program Director Dr. Paul Emerson’s Huffington Post Blog, “The Eye of the Beholder: Why Fighting Trachoma Matters.”
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In the poorest places in the world, an eye disease called trachoma is robbing women of their dignity, their hope for the future, and even their ability to ensure the survival of their children.

“Trachoma” sounds like a remote or obscure disease, but this bacterial infection used to exist throughout the world, including in the United States and in my own native Great Britain.

Only a few decades ago, wealthy nations wiped out the disease through improvements in access to medical care and sanitation.

Yet, trachoma lingers in the most neglected countries on earth, with more than 320 million people remaining at risk. It has been estimated that the economic cost of trachoma could be as high as U.S. $4 billion to 6 billion, an unimaginable sum to communities who live on less than two dollars a day.

The human toll of trachoma, however, is incalculable.

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    joseph perlstein on April 17, 2013 at 11:24 pm

    i remember as if now people eyes covered plasters, both for poor water supply and no quality monitoring the running system, but also people who came from diaspora were bearing this sickness, those days boiled water were to avoid danger of Trachoma. however i do suggest another eye sickness to be combated by Carter Center- i mean insomia,severe situation when eye is healthy but can not close under various life events, from crocodile capitalism, not human, not causing prosperity around but anguish, distress and despair up to all kinds of cruel social navigation to rob the sleep then eyes remain swollen and painful- then even margin OECD countries the civil structure is lousy, unfair, non transparent, top omnipotent contempt clerks , especially when certain human lives are marked, underlined,kicked, stamped as superfluous and answered system rude just for standing against desired paved regulation to go on rather than listen, revise and regard dark rubrics when machinery to fix opaque social policies based on prejudice and cheap intelectual evaluation just for relating no more valid features to certain populations, so stigmatic codes are meeting people like me who are not expected to click to american presidential centers as if i am rude to apply to somewhat only high educated and maybe w or simply disordered imaginative to regard myself over of of what is my retarded mental ability- how for the hell exist some not fully sane webmaster to allow such scandal…you surely understand my sharp sense of humor but seriously, and embittered enough- insomia is to be debated as an outcome of civil structure – and soon as possible- medical oath is forbidding any harming of pressured brains with- its totally medical issue, much above therapists speculations. millions suffer it,its a quiet pest appearing in dark rounds signals around eyes- lack of sleep is less shattering than Trachoma but damaging basic human right- to sleep peacefully trusting social structure around to wake up in fresh air of trust- not in smog of lies,cheating and foolish lough of those to ensure my dignity.

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