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Winter Weekend Attendees Gather for 21st Year to Support Peace, Health in San Diego

It was hard to feel the chill of winter in San Diego, Calif., as donors and supporters from around the world came together for the Carter Center’s annual Winter Weekend fundraiser at the Hotel Del Coronado on Feb. 20-24. Now in its 21st year, the Winter Weekends have raised more than $19 million to support the Center’s work to wage peace, fight disease, and build hope.

This year was the last year Winter Weekend was held in sunny San Diego, Calif. Next year, the annual
benefit auction will move to Vail, Colo. (All photos: The Carter Center/P. Rohe)

Carter Center Winter Weekend attendee Suzanne Taylor examines “Beginning Meets End at All Points Between,” a painting by Jerome Lawrence donated by the artist for the live auction, held on Feb. 23. The painting sold for $21,000.

In addition to live and silent auctions with items such as President Carter’s original woodwork and artwork, an Argo movie poster signed by the cast of the Academy Award-winning film, and luxury vacations, attendees at the invitation-only event are given briefings on Carter Center activities and go on sight-seeing excursions.

A boatswain aboard the U.S. S. Carl Vinson at Naval Base Coronado explains how the 60,000 pound
anchors on the ship are lowered during a tour for Winter Weekend attendees.

This year, Winter Weekend attendees visited Balboa Park, received a special tour of the U.S.S. Carl Vinson, watched a musical performance of Panorama, California’s St. Genevieve High School, listened to experts discuss the human rights platform of the Carter administration, and heard from their hosts, Carter Center founders Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, about pressing world issues during a town hall.

President and Mrs. Carter thank St. Genevieve High School students for the musical review they performed
for participants at Winter Weekend.

But the highlight of the festivities involved the live auction, which raised more than $1.6 million to support the work of The Carter Center to wage peace, fight disease, and build hope.

“Winter Weekend is such a special opportunity for our donors and their guests to enjoy fellowship and learn about the work of The Carter Center to support the world’s poorest people,” says Jay Beck, Winter Weekend coordinator. “Of course, we hope they had some fun too, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery here on the southern California coast.”


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  • 1

    Rebekah Britton on February 25, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    And the wonderful work of these two people just goes on and on. God bless them and all who work with them.

  • 2

    joseph perlstein on February 26, 2013 at 9:02 am

    watching the couple siting in front of spectacular orange-green- black causing drill as bright light shining from The First Lady- it remains to me only to remind elections to nomination then winning elections campaign,where i was to here first the name, inauguration i watched with my parents, still black-white TV set, the touching heart wish “Happy Rosh-Hashna”- best wishes to new jewish year Sep 77, the thing rain evening where i watched the sign of peach accords with Egypt,establishing The Center also arrived to me in shivering period of my life- until now- so were the days, many and much from then blown with the wind,several storms too,on edge of getting lost, of loosing sanity, facing death as almost outcome of mad governing system, trying to rebuilt ruins agains all social and medical despotis o0ne way ticket to elimination, kicked hard for daring to be over what i was to allowed to, means creating culture, writing poetry, trying to regain my freedom out of the paved official highways “for such cases” , broken skeleton to show me who is the boss. now dust hot desert covering heart the couple in front photo,two dew drops on screen in front of scared dry earth, waiting for next blessing rain,as entering 60th as firm for only idealistic echo is blessing the Carters as whole parents generation laying here under the soil-evil answered with hate is not any momentum for human esence- HUMANITY NEED YOU !

  • 3

    sami belhamri on February 28, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    UN programmer humanisés
    Mercie bien a vous vous fait un travail extraordinaire pour l’humanité chapeaux le programme de la fondation Jimmy charter es une référence que dieu vous aïd je suis très émerveillée de votre engagement un exemple a retenir dans le mondes Mercie bien a vous et tous sont oublie le président de la fondation et ses collaborateurs
    A très bientôt
    Je suis de tout cœur avec vous.

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    roberta on March 5, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    Best luck for your future plans! You are doing a wonderful job.

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