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Human Rights Defender Discusses Importance of Working Together to Advance Women’s Rights

Ratna Osman, acting executive director of Malaysia’s Sisters in Islam, was one of a diverse group of 72 human rights activists and religious scholars from 22 countries to attend the Carter Center’s human rights defenders forum this week in Atlanta.

Through Sisters in Islam, Osman creates public awareness and advocates for reform to advance women’s rights in Islam.

“We are out there and we say that you do not have the right to say that we have to accept such discriminatory law,” said Osman. “You do not have the right to say that Muslim women have to keep silent, and not to voice out against such injustice.”

She attended the forum to share her experiences and learn from others working in places like DR Congo, Liberia, Tunisia, and the United States. The forum focused on key challenges that women’s rights activists face and effective ways to bridge the gaps between religious, traditional, and formal state institutions to advance the protection of these rights.

Hear more from Osman. Click image below to watch video.

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