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Guinea Worm Eradication Campaign in Southern Sudan Makes Progress, Faces Challenges

Despite challenges posed by insecurity in Southern Sudan, the region continues to see major reductions in cases of Guinea worm disease. From January to September 2010, only 1,549* cases were identified compared to 2,523 cases over the same period in 2009.

Sudan ended its peak season for transmission of the water-borne Guinea worm parasite in September, and few additional cases are expected to emerge through December. The Carter Center assists the Southern Sudan Guinea Worm Eradication Program in identifying and treating each case of the disease in remote rural areas of the region, which harbors more than 96 percent of remaining cases worldwide.

In this video, President Carter and health workers discuss the challenges that violence and, potentially, war could pose to the historic effort to make Guinea worm the second human disease to be eradicated.

*Provisional number

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