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Carter Center Deploys Observers Throughout Sudan; Voting Begins Sunday

Deborah Hakes is assistant director of public information for The Carter Center.

Sudan’s historic elections, the country’s first in 24 years, begin on Sunday and will include nearly one week of voting and counting the ballots.  The Carter Center deployed approximately 70 observers to Sudan’s 25 states. Campaigning officially ended today, and in Khartoum, election materials were packed up on trucks to be delivered across the city to each polling station.

David Carroll, director of Carter Center Democracy Program

Democracy Program Director David Carroll addresses Carter Center observers at a briefing on Friday morning in Khartoum before they deployed across the country. From left to right: Field Office Director Graham Elson, Ambassador Lakhdar Brahimi, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, Carter Center President and CEO Dr. John Hardman, and David Carroll.

packing the election materials

In Khartoum, the materials for polling stations were taken out of a warehouse and loaded onto trucks to be delivered across the city.

NEC worker in Khartoum

NEC worker in Khartoum

A worker for the National Elections Commission lifts a stack of ballot box lids to be delivered to a polling station in Khartoum.

Lifting ballot boxes onto truck

A worker lifts a stack of ballot boxes onto a truck on Friday, April 9, in Khartoum

Meet one of Sudan’s domestic observers who received training from The Carter Center.

Meet one of the Center’s long-term observer teams in Sudan

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    Istauch Singh on April 12, 2010 at 9:34 am

    Nice update, great photos. Keep them coming. So glad to know that President Carter and the Carter Center are in Sudan.

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