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Voters Show Enthusiasm, Patience in Cote d’Ivoire Elections

Deborah Hakes is assistant director of public information for The Carter Center.

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Watch election day video with Carter Center intern Aaron Collett.

Outside a polling station in north Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, hundreds of people waited behind closed gates for voting to begin. Women and the elderly sat on chairs they had brought or on …

Carter Center to Observe Historic Cote d’Ivoire and Guinea Elections Back-To-Back

The Carter Center is the only American nongovernmental organization observing the historic presidential elections in Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire, and among the handful of international observers present, we have been deployed longer and more extensively than anyone else. These elections represent the first openly competitive contests for both nations since the end of French colonial rule a half-century ago. Guineans …

Cote d’Ivoire Elections Face Challenges, Carter Center Remains Engaged

Recent political events in Cote d’Ivoire introduced a serious disruption, hopefully temporary, of election preparations and demonstrated how easily the West African country could slide back into conflict. Elections there have been delayed several times; The Carter Center has been the only international election observation group present during the entire process and has deployed teams of observers for different phases …