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Guineans Vote Peacefully in Country’s First Democratic Election Since Independence

Deborah Hakes is assistant director of public information for The Carter Center.

Click image below to watch the election day video.

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Polls opened Sunday morning in Conakry to pouring rain, from which voters sought relief under trees and building overhangs. This was followed by a baking and relentless sun that lasted all day, as …

Guineans Enthusiastic for Sunday’s Election; Preparations Continue

Deborah Hakes is assistant director of public information for The Carter Center.
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Through the open second-story window of a mayor’s office outside Conakry, Guinea, came the sounds of hundreds of people passing by, some blowing on whistles and shouting for candidates, others riding in or on cars with horns and speakers blaring. Above the …

Guinea Elections: Carter Center Long-Term Observer Blogs From The Field

Peter Blair is a long-term observer (LTO) for the Carter Center’s election observation mission in Guinea.  Blair graduated with a degree in politics from the University of Nottingham, interned with the Carter Center’s Conflict Resolution Program, and worked as a media and communications assistant for Oxfam Ireland.
(Text and photos: P. Blair)

Long-term observer Peter Blair in Guinea

The atmosphere …

Andean-U.S. Forum Meets in Peru

The Andean-U.S. Dialogue Forum met in Lima, Peru, on June 1-2 to develop a common agenda to address problematic issues among the represented countries. The forum, which consists of influential citizens from a variety of sectors within each country, is designed to provide crucial support and reinforcement of diplomatic efforts through a civil society process.

Dr. Jennifer McCoy, director of …

Voice of America Features Carter Center’s Access to Justice Project in Liberia

The Carter Center’s new initiative to help Liberia’s indigenous leaders manage local disputes was recently featured by Voice of America. The Center’s efforts follow a 15-county consultation on the rule of law with traditional leaders in 2009, and a request from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Traditional Council for help strengthening the capacity of local leaders to …

Ethiopian Medical Student Travels Far to Perform Trichiasis Surgery

Mekuria Amare, a health officer in the North Gondar Zone of Ethiopia, is currently completing his clinical training at Gondar University to become a medical doctor. Mekuria initially received training as a health officer, providing him the opportunity to provide general health care to a rural population.

Although now a medical student, Mekuria Amare continues to provide trichiasis surgery to …